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  • Ethan Polak

CSCUnite24 Convention Experience

Last week, I attended my first-ever hashtag#CSCUnite24 Convention in Las Vegas capping off my internship with the College Sports Communicators!

As the staff intern, I oversaw the creative content team by planning, editing, and managing the posts across all the social media platforms. These posts featured our Question of the Day segments, our Sights and Sounds summary videos, and 16 in-depth interviews in a four-day period (see below).

Highlights of the conference included meeting with Bill Raferty and Warrick Dunn, finishing top 10 in my age group at the annual CSC 5K Run, and even working as the live announcer or the “Voice of God” for the Special Awards ceremony!

To the CSC staff of Erik ChristiansonWill RolesonBarb KowalBeau White, and Alivia Dieterlen, and the entire executive board, I wanted to thank you all for letting me join the team and reigniting my passion for communications in college athletics. 

A special shoutout to Kobe Mosley and Jean Marie Jenkins for guiding me through working my first convention. Also, I can’t forget about our amazing photographers and CSC Grant Winners who helped us capture content at each event.

Overall, I am grateful to have joined the CSC family this year, and I look forward to seeing you all again next year in Orlando!

Links to All My Posts (Instagram)

Daily Recaps - Sights and Sounds

Question of the Day

  • Day 1 - What are you looking forward to at the CSCUnite24

  • Day 2 - Did you choose college sports or did college sports choose you?

  • Day 3 - Can you draw your school's logo?

  • Day 4 - What was your favorite part of CSCUnite24?

Extra Posts (Twitter)


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