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  • Ethan Polak

Butler Sports Buffet Episode #14

As the semester comes to a close, so does the Butler Sports Buffet. Don't worry as we will be returning in the fall with more Butler Athletics content.

Before we go, we have one extra special episode for one of co-hosts final episode as a Bulldog. Ethan will be joined by James Andrews one last time before he graduates. The dynamic duo will stick with the ball diamond as they discuss how the Butler baseball hopes to end season on a high note and how Butler softball is getting ready for the Big East Tournament!

Ethan and James top off the episode by exploring what the new recruits Manny Bates and Jalen Thomas as well as the new assistant coach Greg Oden mean for the future of the Butler basketball program. Bonus content include our Way-To-Early predictions for next season!

To listen to the final episode of the school year, click the link below now!


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